Rehoboth International Exports (RIE) shaped to mark the elevation of four decades of our success in domestic market – A new horizon ventured by the young generation of the entrepreneurial family.

I felt the time was ripe to set foot on International market on completing Diploma in International Foreign Trade from Agilam Institute of Foreign Trade in 2011.

RIE started its journey with exports of agricultural products.

Throughout our stint in domestic market, we had seen the usage of plastic and paper products slowly engrossing our everyday life. There was a drastic growth in the usage of non-biodegradable products and the realization of the level of pollution and hazards due to its non-environmental friendly nature hit the nail on my head.

And that’s when RIE focussed on exporting eco-friendly products.

We collaborated with like-minded innovation investors to serve the nations with good quality eco-friendly products. Our eco-friendly products are 100% natural and bio-degradable.

True to the words ‘We don’t inherit the nature from our ancestors but borrow from our children’, RIE is sensitive about preserving our mother nature for future generations to come.

It is our small step towards traditional lifestyle in modern times.

A certain believer of ‘Little changes make life better’, we encourage you to try healthier options to protect the environment from uncertainties for our future generation.

Reading this far, we are happy that you are keen to be part of this healthier revolution of using eco-friendly products.

Vision: Create a Global Green generation through green goods.

Mission: Supply sensible and superior sustainable products to nations